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Air Spray

Dr Plant Aseptan Clean Air Spray is the product recommended for disinfection and cleaning of all the types of air conditioning systems.

When having this product applied  dust, bacteria and fungi spore, viruses, allergens are removed;the unpleasant odours are neutralized.

Prior the first application remove the container safety lock.
The air conditioner cleaning procedure is the same for all the air conditioning systems.
During the cleaning procedure,the next steps should be followed:
• remove the cover and wash it in warm water
• the main part should be wiped with wet towel soaked with  Dr Plant AIR spray
• filter should be removed and washed under the mild warm water flow, after that it should be    
disinfected by spraying Dr Plant AIR spay.
• the evaporator should be thoroughly disinfected by Dr Plant AIR spray
Air conditioning system cleaning, if performed on regular base, helps air conditioner last longer, and provides clean air in the room.

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