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Arnika mix gel

Arnika  Mix gel represents merge of traditional phyto medicine applied at rheumatic and other painful muscle and bone conditions treatment and of modern methods incorporated in manufacturing procedures. Because of these achievements Arnika Mix gel rubbed into target spot performs its anti-inflammatory effect very fast , providing pain relief, at the same time.. Arnica Montana flower extract that is this product's ingredient improves peripheral circulation ensuring high efficacy of Arnika Mix gel in additional treatment of tired heavy legs. Excipient has been formulated carefully, thus gel can be applied smootly, having active ingredients released deep into the subcutaneous tissue.   





Ingredients :arnika

Mountain Arnica Flower Extract (Arnicae Montanae Flos Extractum),Comfrey Root Extract (Symphyti Officinalis Radix Extractum), Willow Bark (Salix Albae Cortex Extractum)

It is recommended:

-at sprains

-at joint dislocations

-at muscle-sceletal discomfort



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