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Artchoke Lipo Balance Capsules

Artichoke Lipo Balance capsules help cholesterol degradation to bile acids and excess cholesterol elimination by digestive tract functions. These two processes provide decrease of blood ''bad cholesterol'' level and increase of ''good cholestrol'' level. Artichoke extract improves bile flow, thus relieving all the difficulties that are caused by poor bile flow: bloating, nausea, heartburn, slow digestion and constipation. Because of its strong antioxidant activity, artichoke protects liver from toxines and infections and it stimulates the liver cell regeneration.

Ingredients: artichoke leaf dry extract in herbal hard capsules-Vcapsarticoka
 Purpose-when Artichoke Lipobalance Capsules should be used:
-at increased blood cholesterol and triglycerides
-to protect liver from toxines and infections
-at digestion difficulties, bloating, constipation
-at nausea, heartburn
-at not regular, not balanced nutrition
-as natural diuretic
-at long term medication tratment
Mechanism of action:
Artichoke (lat. Cynara scolymus) is precious source of vitamines, minerals, antioxidants, flavonoides, polyphenols. Cynarine, artichoke extract's active ingredient, provides enhanced bile production and secretion, thus improving fatty food digestion and blood cholesterol level lowering.

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