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Betavitevit® Brewer’s -Yeast with Folic Acid and Vitamin B6

Betavitevit® Brewer's-yeast enriched with folic acid and Vit B6 is dietary supplement we recommend for elderly people, in pregnancy and for breastfeeding mothers, as well as for all other persons whose nutrition is deficient in these vitamins. Folic acid decreases ability of megaloblastic anemia occurence, it helps proper embryo formation during pregnancy and it helps better nervous system activity. Vitamin B6 is included in metabolic processes in human body, it has important role in nervous and immune system activity, at pregnant women it can decrease nausea.




Ingredients :           


Brewer's-yest, Folic acid (100% RDA), Vitamin B6(100%RDA)


It is recommended for:

-        Elderly persons

-        Women that plan pregnancy

-         Pregnant women and breast feeding mothers

-        Persons with heart disorders



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