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Betavitevit® Brewer’s Yeast-with Iron and Vitamin C

Betavitevit ® Fe and Vitamin C is dietary supplement that in just one pill, which represents daily needs, contains optimal iron and vitamin C ratio. Iron is considered oligoelement, it is necessary for hemoglobin synthesis and erythrocyte formation In this product it is in the form of ferrous-gluconate, easy to solve salt , that represents iron in the form which can be used maximally. Vitamin C stimulates iron apsorption, takes part in the collagen synthesis and skin cells regeneration,  in OR (oxidation-reduction processes) and it helps boosting immune system.  



Ingredients :gvozdje


Iron (as Ferrous (II) gluconas) (100% RDA),  Vitamin C (100 %RDA)

When Betavitevit® Iron and Vitamin C should be used? 

-        When the need for iron is increased (pregnancy, breast feeding, adolescence)

-        In the case of iron deficiency that appears because of poor iron intake by food, its low resorption or its increased loss (at fee-male during menstrual bleeding,  because of bleeding ( haemorrhaging) following chemoroidal disorders etc)






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