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Betavitevit® Brewer’s-Yeast with Vitamin B Complex

Betavitevit® Brewer's -Yeast enriched with vitamin B complex is dietary supplement formulated with idea to provide sufficient amount of Vit B complex that is necessary for regular growth and body formation, by taking one pill daily. Complex of B Vitamins provide regular nervous system function, they provide energy supplies for body, and they have important role in skin care, hair care and nail care.






Brewer's -Yeast,  B- Vitamin Complex (100% RDA)


It is recommended for:

-        Kids in order to provide proper growth and body formatio, sportists, elderly



-        Persons that are on diet with low vitamins and proteins, vegetarians, persons with low apetite

-        Skin care, hair care and nail care

-        Persons with increased psychophysical activities and persons that are undregoing stress

-        After prolonged antibiotic therapy or chemotherapy (chemo)

-        Patients with cardiac disorders, for patients with different digestive tract difficulties

-        For smokers, as well as for alcohol consumers

-        Persons with immune functioning decrease





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