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Betavitevit® Folic Acid 400 + Vitamin B12

Betavitevit Folic Acid 400+Vitamin B12 tablets contain folic acid and vitamin B12.
Folic acid  and vitamin B12 are necessary for the nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) synthesis, they have an important role in the red blood cells formation, which transfer oxygen to all parts of human body and provide the proper functioning of human cells. The folic acid deficiency causes anemia. At prenatal care and at pregnancy the higher concentation of folic acid is necessary. Vitamin B12 assists folic acid's transfer to its acive form in human body.
Vitamin B12 has its role in the myelin formation, that forms nerve's protective covering.

 Folic acid (400µg)  and vitamin B12 (3µg)
Purpose-when Betavitevit Folic Acid+B12 should be used?
-as prenatal care
-at pregnancy and breast-feeding mothers
-at elderly person
-as supplement at anemia that are caused by the folic acid and vitamine B12 deficiency
-as vegetarian supplement
-at athletes
-at woman that are on birth control pills for long time
-to improve concentration, memory and balance
-at skin, hair and nail disorders
-at persons that are exposed to physical and mental stress
-at PMS – and at menopausal woman

Directions: 1 tablet daily. It is recommended to take the tablet before meal, every day, approximately at the same time.

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