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Borovit cream

Borovit cream has a mild antiseptic effect and serves to alleviate smaller irritations on the skin. Borovit cream nourishes the skin, enhances its epithelialization, assists with burns, rashes, flaking and skin dryness. The product is enriched with vitamin E which facilitates the regeneration, hydration and skin protection. With Borovit cream the skin becomes soft, smooth and supple.

Ingredients: Boric acid, vitamin Eborovit

It is recommended for:
- Skin care and epithelialization
- Smaller burns
- Rashes caused by friction or excessive perspiration
- Regeneration of damaged and dry skin caused by personal hygiene products, chemical depilatories or detergents
- Care of dry skin prone to redness and flaking
- Care and protection of skin around the nails

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