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Dr Plant 10% Urea cream

Dr Plant 10% Urea cream is recommended for special care of dry, thickened (keratosis) and cracked skin. Due to its ingredients, cream penetrates easily and fast into deep skin layers, making it softer. Urea concentration in this formulation represents optimal concentration that is needed for skin regeneration and  surfacial dead cells exfoliation.

Urea, Paraffin Hard, Glycerol, Grape Seed Oil, Castor Oil (Oleum Ricini),  Marygold Oil (Oleum Calendulae) and Olive Oil (Oleum Olivae).
It is recommended:
- For special care of dry, thickened (keratosis) and cracked skin
- For care of the skin that is prone to allergy reactions and eczema occurence
- At „diabetic foot“
- For redness, itching and skin exfoliation
- At keratosis pilaris (sandpaper-like skin appearance; usually on the arms, thighs and buttocks)
- As winter skin protectan.

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