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Dr.Plant Foot Powder®

Dr Plant foot powder® improves your foot's skin health and it prevents excessive foot sweating. Benzoic acid acts as powerful antifungal agent, and it blocks occurence and development of frequent and persistent infections. Maximal foot care and health are provided for your feet by Dr. Plant Foot Powder® use on regulary base.





Salicylic Acid, Boric Acid, (Thyme Essential Oil) Thymi Aetheroleum, Menthol, (Eucalyptus Essential Oil) Aetheroleum Eucalypti, Thymol, Benzoic Acid , Talc, Zink Oxide



-        Foot fungal infections

-         Foot odor

-        Excessive foot sweating




Mechanisam of action:

Combination of Dr Plant Foot Powder® ingredients is carefully designed in order to provide high level of efficacy.  Boric Acid and Salicylic Acid perform antiseptic activity. Benzoic acid provides powerful antifungal activity, Zink Oxide and Talc are adstringents, while Mentholum and Eucalyptus Essential Oil develop pleasant feeling of cooling and freshness.













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