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Dr Plant MELEM for Nipple Care

Dr Plant Mammy MELEM for nipple care improves the condition characterized with sore nipples at nursing mothers that can be healed faster due to benefits of  natural oils and panthenol, having emphasized that both ingredients are safe as well for baby as for nursing mother.
Bioadhesive excipiens enriched wth Lutrol provides better contact of the active ingredients and the skin surface, demonstrating faster epitelization and it developes pleasant feeleng after application.
If applied continually, Dr Plant Mammy MELEM prevents the nipple cracks and abrasions caused by the breast extension in pregnancy and at the begining of the breastfeeding period. Melem contains the blend of natural oils that have been carefully chosen; it helps prevent the nipple cracking and abrasions and boosts the skin softness, vitality and health.

Ingredients: Panthenol, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Bioadhesive Excipiens with Lutrol.
 Palm Oil enriched with nurishing compounds that can increase the speed of skin regeneration.
Coconut Oil easily apsorbed, extremely good as skin moisturizing compound, naturally rich in vitamins: A, E and in essential fatty acids.
Preservative free, tasteless and odorless.
Instructions for use:
Small amount of Melem should be put on the top of the fingers and rubbed into the nipple area and around them. It is recommended to apply Melem several times a day in order to provide nipple softening and prevent the painful nipple crack occurence, followed by infections.


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