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Dr Plant Panten cream gel

Dr Plant Panten cream gel is recommended for protection and care of healthy skin, as well as for regeneration of dry, cracked, and due to alergic reactions changed skin.  Dr Plant Panten cream gel because of its formulation can be spreaded easily,  after its application skin becomes hydrated, soft, with high level of elasticity. D-pantenol that is this cream gel ingredient provides skin regeneration, Olive Oil (Oleum Olivae) and Marygold Oil (Calendulae Oleum) hydrate skin and calm inflammatory processes, while Vitamin E protects skin from the free radical's harmful effects. Dr Plant panten cream gel is formulated for all generations and for all skin types.




Mineral Oil, vitamin E, Marigold Oil( Oleum Calendulae), Olive Oil(Oleum Olivae) , D-Panthenol, Glycerol, Purified Water, Glycerol


It is recommended:

-      For skin care and protection on regulary base

-      For special needs in the care of dry and sensitive skin

-      For skin care after: Sun exposure, depilation, epilation

-      At skin discomforts: swelling, stinging



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