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Ektoin ekcem gel

Ektoin ekcem gel is a high-quality product based on ectoin, which helps with inflammatory skin processes.
It is especially recommended for treatment of dry and irritated skin prone to eczema. 
Ectoin is a natural substance isolated from a strain of bacteria which can survive the most extreme conditions of UV radiation, temperatures and salinity, and which stabilize their cells by ectoin synthesis. It protects the skin’s immune system and achieves a lasting hydration effect. It also prevents water loss, especially with dry atopic skin, thus protecting it from flaking and itchiness.

Ingredients (INCI):ectoin ekcem gel
Aqua, Glycerin, Poloxamer 407, Ectoin, Allantoin

Ektoin ekcem gel helps with:
• skin eczema
• inflammatory skin processes accompanied by dryness, redness and itchiness
• dry and irritated skin
• extremely sensitive skin prone to redness and flaking
• protects the skin from external environmental factors

Bioadhesive coat of Ektoin ekcem gel enables gradual and continuous liberation of the active substance. Because of its content, it is suitable for long-term use, children and adults.

Ektoin ekcem gel does not contain:
• corticosteroids
• preservatives
• odours
• silicon
• colours
• mineral oils

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