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Fiber Glucomannan

Fiber Glucomannan is a product intended for people that want to reduce body weight and reshape their body in a natural and healthy way. In its composition it contains a standardized extract of glucomannan fibers as the main active component and has high content of erythritol, no-calorie sweetener. Glucomannan fibers have a swelling capacity in the stomach, increasing their volume as much as 50 times and in this way creating a feeling of fullness, which results in decreased food needs. In the digestive tract they bind fat and carbohydrates and hinder their absorption, making a positive impact on reshaping of the body figure.

Composition: Glucomannan 80% (standardized to min. 80% glucomannan).fiber glucomanan

Fiber Glucomannan:
• high content of dietary fibers
• for weight loss
• contributes to reduction of fat in the blood
• with erythritol, no-calorie sweetener
• suitable for diabetics

Glucomannan fibers are of plant origin and they belong to the group of polysaccharides which dissolve well in water. They are approved by the European Food Safety Authority and their positive effects on weight loss has been clinically proven.

Erythritol belongs to the group of sugar polyols, healthy sweeteners. It is resistant to metabolism of oral bacteria and it is not harmful to teeth. It has unique metabolic profile and due to low molecular weight more than 90% is absorbed in the small intestine and excreted unchanged trough the urine. It is suitable for use in diabetic patients, but also for the people who lead a healthy lifestyle because it has a glycemic index of zero, so it does not raise blood glucose or insulin levels.

Usage (adults and children over 12 years): Twice a day, dissolve one sachet in 200ml water with stirring movements and drink immediately. It is recommended to use Fiber Glucomannan fibers between meals, preferably with 1 to 2 cups of water.

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