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Grozozo gel diminishes behavior problem: nail biting, that is not just aesthetic, but health problem as well (nail biting can cause the fungal infection of the fingers and in the mouth).  Grozozo gel should be applied on the whole surface of nail plate, as well as on the area of the nail folds. It is natural and completely safe product recommended for children and for adults. When applied regularly it prevents splitting of the nail and flaky nails occurence.

Ingredients: Gentian Extract (Gentiana lutea), Propolis Extract, DPanthenol
Mechanism of action:
An unpleasant, bitter taste of (Gentiana lutea) will discourage person from nail biting and it can permanently stop this unhygienic habit. Propolis extract performs anti-microbial action and it prevents development of fungal infections under nail plate. Panthenol helps regeneration of sensitive nail folds, and it helps cure painful, thickened and inflammated peeling cuticles. Grozozo contains specially formulated gel as excipiens, that enhances better product's adherence to skin and nails, sustained release of active ingrediens, maintaining constant effect of this gel at the spot of application, for a specific period.


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