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Herbal Gel

Herbal Gel against toothache is natural product formulated with therapeutic aim to stop toothache fast and effectively, nevertheless its origin (toothache caused by caries or gingival disorder, toothache following teething or tooth injury-cracked tooth, toothache as response to different thermal, chemical and mechanical influences). Some causes of toothache often can cause  bad breath; rubbing in the Herbal Gel to the painful spot can eliminate this problem significantly.

Ingredients: Clove Essential Oil ( Caryophylli aetheroleum), Chamomile Flower Tincture (Matricariae  Floris tincturae), Mint Essential Oil ( Menthae piperitae aetheroleum)
Eugenol, essential oil generated from clove, performs antibacterial and antimycotic properties, at the same time it acts as natural pain killer, that releives toothache immidiately. Chamomile flower tincture performs mild calming and antiinflammatory effect while Mint essential oil provides product's pleasant odour that refreshes with cooling sensation.

herbal gel

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