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Khan Tiger Balm

Khan Tiger Balm is recommended to help decrease pain in bones, joints and muscles. By mild ointments rubbing  into painful area, circulation improves and pleasent heating sensation occures at the area of application, pain itself gets lower step by step. Muscle relaxation occurs when  Khan Tiger balm is applied, so it is used by professional athlets as well as by those who do it just for exercise. 




Eucaliptys Essential Oil (Aetheroleum Eucaliptys), Clove Essential Oil (Aetheroleum cariophylli), Mentol, Camfor

It is recommended:

-for back pain relief

-for joints and muscles pain relief

-for discomforts caused by sport injuries caused by traumatic event: contusions, bruises dislocations  

-at sport injuries

-for peripheral circulation improvement



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