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Manuka gel

Beneficial effects of manuka have been used in traditional medicine for centuries as assistance with infectious and inflammatory skin processes. The fundamental ingredients of manuka oil, the triketones, have shown great efficiency in fighting bacteria and fungi. Thus, when manuka oil is applied on the skin it has an antiseptic effect, alleviates inflammation and itching and enhances epithelialization. By regularly using Manuka gel, excess oil from the skin is absorbed and pores are kept clean. Result: skin without irregularities.

Ingredients: manuka oils, bisabolol, panthenol, vitamin E.manuka

It is recommended for:
• Relieving inflammatory processes on the skin
• Treatment of problematic skin types, prone to acne and pimples
• Skin care for people who frequently use make-up
• Skin irritations caused by wearing jewelry
• Oily skin which needs hydration
• Preparation of skin before “deeper” cosmetic cleanings
• Reduction of eczema and psoriasis
• As an aid in the treatment of fungal skin infections

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