proizvodi Esensa Beograd
Melem® from Belgrade

Melem® from Belgrade is  product with specific formulation, based on nature derived ingredients that traditionally have been used for skin care and skin regeneration. Its purpose is skin protection, mostly from harmful factors it is exposed to on everyday basis; it provides extremely satisfactory hidrating and regenerating effects.

Ingredients:  Bee Wax, Petrolatum, Butirum Cacao, Propolis, Honey, Castor Oil (Oleum Ricini), melemAlmond Oil (Oleum Amygdalae), Grape Seed Oil

It is recommended:
- For care and regeneration of hard, rough, cracked skin
- At all conditions (genetic or developed) characterized with dry or cracked skin that has been exfoliating and desquamating
- For care and protection of skin that is continually exposed to aggressive environmental factors, for example hands
- For lip care, around eye area, nail disorders: inflammation of nail fold, cracks

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