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Opstipal Capsules and Granule

Opstipal is herbal product that contains standardized extracts of Senna leaf, Frangula bark and Peppermint leaf . These three herbs have been used traditionally to help digestion, bloating and bowel movements; when used together they act sinergistically providing the best effects, at both temporary and chronic. All three extracts that are ingredients of Opstipal capsules and granule are standardized, in this way complete safety is provided.

Ingredients: Senna Leaf Extract, Frangula Bark Extract , Peppermint Leaf Extract. optipal granule
It is recommended:
- at digestion problems and constipation
- at painful bowel movements
- at bloating, gas and spasm
- at haemorrhoides
Mechanism of action:
Active ingredients from Senna leaf (Sennae folium) perform action on nerve endings in the bowel wall, thus increasing peristalsis; they help natural digestion, in this way they prevent low bowel motion and constipation.

Extract from Frangula bark (Frangulae cortex) is recognized for its mild laxative properties, while Peppermint leaf extract (Menthae piperitae folium) calms gas, bloating, spasm.

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