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Oto Aqua® Acida

Oto Aqua® Acida is otic solution spray that contains acetic acid, isopropyl alcohol and D-panthenol.  Acetic acid balances appropriate ear canal pH value that is not appropriate for microorganisam growth, while isopropyl alcohol helps drain water that has been accumulated in the ear, performing negative mechanical effect on the skin barier causing its damage; water itself is appropriate medium for infection occurence and development. D-Panthenol regenerates and protects ear skin epithel




Acetic Acid, Isopropyl Alcohol, D-Panthenol

It is recommended for:


-        Treatment of bacterial and fungal infections of external ear canal

-        For  "swimmer's ear"

-        As prevention: swimmers, divers, persons that are prone to external ear canal infections

-        In the case of water accumulation in the ear because of: exposure to warm, humid weather conditions-climate, sweating, bath-shower, or non-adequate use of water containing ear cleaning solutions



Bottle with mechanical pump that provides maximal product's efficacy in the area of application; Oto Aqua® Acida solution is well tolerated and it does not provide resistant microorganisms growth.


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