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Potassium Citrate 500

Potassium Citrate 500, food supplement, is a Potassium salt, alkaline citrate, a form of Potassium from which it is well absorbed. Potassium is an important mineral which participates in many bodily functions. It is especially important for maintaining the acid-base balance in the body, as well as for transferring nutritional substances through cell membranes. It contributes to normal functioning of the nervous and muscular system and normalization of blood pressure.

Composition: 1 tablet contains: 500 mg of potassium citrate (191.41 mg of elementary potassiumkalijum citrat citrate)

Potassium citrate 500 tablets are recommended for:
• normal functioning of the nervous and muscular systems
• maintaining normal blood pressure
• conditions of increased loss of potassium (e.g. vomiting and diarrhoea)

Use: Two tablets a day on a full stomach.

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