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Propobaza bioadhesive gel

Propobaza bioadhesive gel is product containing propolis extract in gel excipient formulated in the way that provides prolonged (up to 10 hours) and controlled active ingredient release. Because of its thermoreversible properties, gel can be used in both forms: as solution, dosed in drops, when kept in refrigerator; it converts back to the gel form at human body temperature «in situ». It is especially usefull at painful aphtous ulcers and mucosa damages. Propolis, as well as surfactants that come from gel excipient itself, by synergistic action, make skin epithelization faster and they help small damages healing.

Ingredients :propobaza

Propolis Extract, Propylene Glycol, Bioadhesive Excipient


- At surfacial wounds (cuts, scratches, burns)

- At Aphtous Ulcers

- At Herpes Simplex

- At Acne

- At Eczema and itching

- As excipient in dental practice and dermatology, for individual, customized therapies

- Cosmetology use: for epithelisation and seborrhea

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