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Protect® Cinnamon tablets

Protect® cinnamon is dietary supplement that contains cinnamon (Cinnamomi Cortex) as its ingredient. After having its positive effect on blood sugar regulation proved, cinnamon has not been only recognized as a precious spice, but as a precious supplement that has its role in lowering and control of blood sugar. Protect® cinnamon tablets can help effectively treatment of  Gastric Ulcer, caused by Helicobacter Pylori , as well as they can help in the case of other digestive tract inflammatory processes.




Ingredients :

cinnamon powder (cinnamomi pulvis) 360 mg

It is recommended:

-        As a supplement that can help blood sugar regulation

-        At indigestion, bloating, colics, pressure-gas

-        As a supplement that helps  Helicobacter pylori eradication treatment

-        As a supplement that helps in digestive tract inflammatory process treatment

-        As a supplement that helps blood cholesterol and triglicerides regulation

-        as an anti-inflammatory agent at muscle and joints discomforts

-        For cold and flu relief

-       At poor hands and feet circulation



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