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Protect® Marshmallow

Protect® Marshmallow is product that contains Dry Marshmallow Extract (Althae Officinalis Extractum Siccum); that is plant with high content of mucus, Marshmallow mucus coats throat mucosa, forming protective film over it. Mucosa, coated in this way, is protected from irritations. Protect® Marshmallow is formulated in the form of lozenges, characterized with pleasant taste, dissolving in the mouth immediately, providing its effects immediately. This product is sugar-free and it does not cause dental caries.



beli slez



Althaea Radix Extractum Siccum


It is recommended:


-        To suppress dry cough

-         At rough voice

-        At persons that excesivelly  use vocal cords (lecturers, speakers..)

-        for smokers

-        at digestive tract inflammation; especially rectum inflammation



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