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Pulmint  Solution for Inhalations

Pulmint® Solution for Inhalations contains blend of essential oils and it is recommended for wet inhalations preparation. Essential oils enhance bronchial mucus secretion, they dissolve thick, sticky mucus and they provide coughing it up much easier  Pulmint® solution contain Menthol as well, that performs synergistic action: together with essential oils it provides antiseptic and antiinflammatory effect on upper and lower respiratory tract, to the level of the smallest bronchia. Pulmint® solution is mild air disinfectant, when used pleasent odor of cedar is spreaded, thus this solution is used as room freshener, as well.



pulmint kapi



Alcohol, Menthol, Aetheroleum Terebintinae, Aetheroleum Menthae and Aetheroleum Cedri




It is recommended:


-        At cold and cough

-        At nasal congestion and breathing discomfort

-        At sinusitis

-        At headache (for external rubbing in the affected area)

-        For dry air (in the room) moisturizing



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