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Russian Balsam

When applied to a painful spot, the Russian Balsam with capsaicin isolated from hot pepper improves local circulation, contributes to muscular relaxation and improves joint mobility. At first, it provides a pleasant cooling sensation on the application spot, and then the heating effect follows. Capsaicin has high absorption power, the skin absorbs it quickly and there are no greasy traces.

Ingredients: capsaicin, camphor, vanillyl butyl ether, rosemary and lavender essential oilsruski balsam

The balsam alleviates:
- Rheumatic discomforts,
- Muscle cramps and pains,
- Stiffness and tension in bones, joints and muscles.

The manner of use: Apply the balsam to the painful spot 1 – 3 times a day. The heating effect occurs after a couple of minutes. For achieving a better effect, after rubbing the balsam on the skin, a linen or woollen belt or bandage may be wrapped around the painful spot.

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