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Salvi panten® lozenges

Salvi panten® lozenges are recommended to provide relief at coditions that are caused by mouth and throat mucosa inflammation, as well as for mucosa regeneration. Salvi panten ® can be used as everyday oral hygiene supplement, and its no-sugar formulation makes it appropriate for diabetics as well as for persons that are dieting for weight loss. Salvi panten® does not cause dental caries.



Ingredients :

Sage Dry Extract (Salviae officinalis extractum siccum), Vitamin C, Calcium-D-pantothenate

It is recommended:

-         Relief of discomforts that follow oral and throat mucosa inflammation

-        To enhance damaged or inflammated mucosa regeneration

-        To prevent paradontopatia occurence and development; for gums care and improvement

-        At gums bleeding

-        To prevent mouth odor occurence




Sage (Salvia officinalis) provides anti-inflammatory effect fighting against bacteria and virusis that are the most frequent cause for mouth and throat mucosa inflammation. Calcium-D-pantothenate protects healthy mucosa and stimulates damaged and inflammated mucosa regeneration, while vitamin C takes part in colagen synthesis, providing faster wound healing.


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