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TaNaNa® mint lozenges

TaNaNa mint lozenges contain   L-carnitine, bromelain and menthol. By having lozenges dissolved in the mouth optimal effect of bromelain and  L-carnitine is provided: body fat desintegration and body mass regulation. Menthol provides lozenges pleasant  taste and acts as breath freshener.




L-Carnitine, Bromelain, Menthol

Mechanism of action:

L-carnitine has the key role in fat metabolism. It provides body fat conversion to energy, this causes fat deposits decrease, decrease of BMI (Body Mass Index), but feeling of "been tired" gets lower as well. Bromelain provides faster fat metabolism and prevents having them kept and cumulated in human body,besides that bromelain enhances liqudis and toxic agents excretion from human body. Menthol is mild antiseptic, it decreases sensation of "been hungry" and freshes breath .




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