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Veneton forte chestnut gel

Veneton forte chestnut gel is intended for the treatment of tired legs and varicose veins. Owing to its carefully selected ingredients, it locally improves microcirculation, prevents water accumulation in tissues and localized tissue swelling which causes the feeling of heaviness and tension. Escin, a horse chestnut extract, has a vasoprotective effect, it alleviates the symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency. In combination with other ingredients, it reduces inflammations and provides a fast relief for tired, painful and swollen legs.

Composition: Horse chestnut seed extract standardized at 1.4% of escin; white willow bark, aloe and hamamelis extracts; lavender essential oils.


Recommended for:
- the treatment of varicose veins
- tired and swollen legs
- muscle spasms
veneton forte kesten gel za vene

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