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Vivident - Solution for washing of mouth and throat

Vivident solution is used for oral cavity hygiene, it helps maintain the health of gums and reduces the possibility of infections development inside the oral cavity. It acts by preventing and reducing the emergence of plaque, the main cause for gum diseases, it removes bacteria located between the teeth and has a long-lasting refreshing effect on the breath.

Ingredients: 0.1% chlorhexidine digluconate, essential oil of eucalyptus, thymol, menthol.vivident

It is recommended:
- for hygiene maintenance and preventing infections in the oral cavity
- to prevent forming of dental plaque
- to alleviate accompanying conditions in gum inflammations, parodontopathy, aphthae, tonsillitis, pharyngitis
- to protect the gums prior to and during the surgeries inside the oral cavity
- for washing the oral cavity in persons using dentures
- for in-depth washing of parodontal pockets
- to neutralize bad breath

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