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Celasa ProstaCel

ProstaCel are herbal capsules formulated on the basis of extracts from nettle root, celery and dwarf palm fruit, which enable better functioning of the urinary system. Troubles with urine elimination in men occur frequently after 50 years of age and are reflected as intense urination (especially at night), sudden urges and postponed start of urination, weak urine flow and additional effort or pain during the urination.
The active ingredients of Prostacel improve urine flow, decrease blockade during urination and have a urinary-antiseptic effect. With its synergy effect, they influence reduction of the level of hormones responsible for the prostate tissue growth.

Ingredients: Nettle root, dwarf palm fruit, celery rootprostacel

It is recommended for the following:
• for active treatment of urinary symptoms in men
• for health improvement of all prostate functions
• for alleviating the condition of benign prostate hyperplasia (frequent, laboured and painful urination, weak and interrupted urine flow, inability to completely empty the bladder)

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