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Cirkulotok Cream Gel

Cirkulotok cream gel is natural product based on taxifolin and it is intended to improve peripheral circulation. Taxifolin, flavonoid generated from Siberian larch (Larix sibirica) is the most powerful antioxidant in the latest antioxidant generation.Taxifolin enhances microcirculation and blood flow in capillaries, thus helping conditiones characterized with poor peripheral circulation (swelling, cold sensation, pain, itching, stinging, 'pins and needles' sensation, spasms etc.) Due to its powerful antioxidant properties it prevents capillaries from negative influence of  free radicals, which were generated in human body itself; it strengthens capillary wall and decreases risk from their rupture. Camphor, Turpentine Oil (Terebinthinae Aetheroleum), Pine Needle Oil  (Pini Aetheroleum), active ingredients with proved positive effects on poor peripheral circulation, enhance the total product efficacy.

It is recommended:cirkulo krema
- at persons with poor peripheral circulation
- at swollen legs and feet
- at persons with muscle spasms (for example muscle spasms that occure at night)
- at diabetics with poor peripheral circulation
- at varicose veins
- as prophylaxis at persons who do not walk regularly and who sit long hours
- at sport injuries
- as prophylaxis at persons who exercise or are athletes, to worm up muscles prior workout
- at extremely dry skin with exfoliation

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